Up next

I went back to basics and tried some paper stencil ‘stripes’ to play around with colour and layering. It was messy but I really liked the results so I’ll be refining the process for future use.

Its easy to get bogged down in being efficient with my screens and colours and how I use them, which is of course important, but not all the time. It was good just to have a play and experiment. Paper stencils only last so long before they get too soggy to use which makes the print run pretty small and unique. The opposite of efficient, but an idea I’m excited about.

and now for some scarves…

I’ve been working on these over winter and now they are in store at Craft Victoria. They are a gorgeous silk twill, 90 x 90cm square scarf with a brush stroke check design. I love working with dyes because you can overlap colours to achieve a new colour or depth of colour that isn’t possible with pigment.

New colour ways

I’m a terrible blogger. I just don’t work fast enough to have something to post every day, or even every week. But happily my new cushions arrived the other day, so here they are. The colour ways are not so much new as improved and I’m really happy with them. The cushion inserts are 100% recycled water bottles. 70 water bottles make 1kg of fibre, washable and hypoallergenic.


My cards arrived!

Ever since I realised letterpress printing existed I loved it, and dreamed of the day I’d have my own letterpress printed business cards. That day had arrived – behold!

The ladies at Peace love and letterpress  were amazingly easy to deal with, veeerry patient with my changes of minds and questions, and mixed the exact colours I wanted. Couldn’t be happier. peaceloveandletterpress.blogspot.com.au


I print again

This is me at the end of a long day of printing yesterday. You can see the relief on my face that I’d managed to print 20ms without major incident. I have to say, that being new to this game I find 20ms of pristine white linen makes me a little nervous. The thought of ruining that beautiful fabric with a blotchy print or careless blob or smear from grubby fingers kept my adrenaline running all day, and I was in need of a stiff drink at the end of it all.

I owe thanks to Shelly at Orange Owl Textiles who let me christen the virgin table at her studio! Shelly was an invaluable help to me, the fool who thought I could print 20ms myself. How wrong I was!  www.orangeowltextiles.com

My lack of posting has been the result of several weeks of organising. Piping, zips, fabric, heat setting, sewing, all the work that has to be done before you get to the fun bit, and actually get to print something.

My next trick will be to turn them into cushions.